Monday, May 15, 2006

thoughts on "Creeds and Subscriptions" from another dead theologian

A Christian society, as well as an individual, is liable to err in judging what are the doctrines and precepts of Christ. Whatever articles of faith and practice, therefore, are introduced into a community, they ought, no doubt, to be open to correction or amendment, whenever those who subscribe them shall perceive their inconsistency with the will of Christ. - Andrew Fuller

I find Fuller’s words to be a helpful reminder to us as we consider a revision to the EFCA Statement of Faith. First of all, we are reminded of the fact that we can and do make mistakes when we establish doctrinal statements. Secondly, we are encouraged to make corrections when over the course of time we see problems with those statements we have established as our creed.

Given these realities I think we should have an established procedure for periodically reviewing our statement of faith. Obviously we would not want an annual review, because we would never be able to step away from our mirrors and out our front doors into the world. I also don’t think it would make much sense to try to review the statement of faith all at once since it may cause us to glaze over some issues because of some other more noticeable issues.

Allow me to connect the dots for you: Do I think we should review our statement of faith and make necessary changes? Yes and yes. Do I think we should attempt this endeavor all at once? No.


Blogger D.R. said...

Yeah, what were you thinking? McLaren is a much pretty man than Fuller. He's not even smiling! How will we reach postmoderns if we don't smile? Gosh!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006 12:15:00 PM  

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